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Tested with positive results by Utah State University*

* Research funded by Ring to GREEN

Do you have areas of brown patches in your lawn that look dead?
Those spots are likely a lawn fungus called necrotic ring. Ring to Green is the only company proven to treat necrotic ring spot fungus, a disease that effects 1 out of 10 lawns.

Ring to Green

  • Applicable Year Round
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe for Pets
  • Proprietary Method of Fixing Necrotic Ring Spots
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Stabilizes NRS and promotes new growth in and around affected areas.
  • Allows growth of microbial activity, unlike a fungicide.
  • Not a fungicide
  • Does not stain concrete

I spent hundreds of dollars trying to treat the dead spots on my lawn with no success. I was about to spend thousands of dollars to rip out my lawn and replace it. Then Ring to Green came along and saved my grass! It is back to being plush and green and disease free.

Mary L., Salt Lake City